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Your company could be taken for a ride by VAT carousel fraud

10 August 2018

Carousel fraud involves a company that is registered for VAT in one EU Member State selling goods to another company …

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Car finance fraud is on the rise in the UK  

06 August 2018

There is a huge spectrum of criminality in the UK. Some people have never been involved in criminal activity before, but …

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Fraudsters commit identity theft by creating fake charities

02 August 2018

According to research carried out by the Samaritans, more than half the population regularly give money to charity. If …

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Estate agent fraud is on the rise in the UK

02 August 2018

Rogue estate agents are behaving unlawfully and using obvious lies in their efforts to sell properties, a study finds …

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20 Types of identity scam 

30 July 2018

According to Experian, there are 20 different types of ways a fraudster can fraud or steal your …

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Mobile phone identity fraud

26 July 2018

We often think of our social security numbers as being the crucial key to unlocking our identities, and it certainly is, …

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Identity thieves can steal your identity when you move houses

23 July 2018

When you move house you need to extra careful about protecting your identity, fraud experts are warning. New figures …

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Passport fraud and stolen identity is on the rise

20 July 2018

Passport fraud is a federal crime. Usually, this crime is committed to facilitate another crime such as illegal …

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The dangers of online shopping

18 July 2018

Consumers find shopping on the internet easy and convenient, but it can provide an opportunity for criminals to commit …

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Airline Fraud is on the rise

16 July 2018

Fraud is rapidly increasing in the travel industry and airlines are highly exposed due to the nature of transactions …

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