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Data theft at the Oxford and Cambridge club

The exclusive Oxford and Cambridge club suffered from an extreme fraud incident after data thieves managed to gain access to an external hard drive consisting of personal details, financial details, addresses and photographs of the 5000 members who were affected.

The theft occurred at the communications room at the headquarters of the Oxford and Cambridge Club in Central London. The said hard drive not only contained personal and financial details of 5,000 members, but also data belonging to 100 staff members. According to the Telegraph, affected members, all of whom are alumni of Oxford and Cambridge, include comedian Stephen Fry and Lord Rees, the Astronomer Royal.

The data breach has made it clear that the danger of cyber warfare operates without borders and impacts the cream of society as much as it affects the middle-class or small business owners. As such, it is appropriate that those who control personal data of citizens must abide by data protection rules and should prepare for the upcoming general data protection regulation which will significantly raise the costs of data breaches as a result of poor cyber security practices.

Source: TEISS 27th November 2017

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